Armored car robber took 600 thousand cash to his younger brother 17 years old to go to the army to d superrecovery

Armored car robber took 600 thousand cash to his younger brother 17 years old to go to the army to drive Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: Armored Car hijacking suspects: mother son was introduced when the escort driver in September 8th, Liaoning Agricultural Bank of China Dashiqiao city securicar mother son photos show the suspect robbed event. The suspect’s mother shows a dialogue with her son’s WeChat. Edition of the Beijing News reporter Wang Fei September 7th afternoon, Li Ming (a pseudonym) to open the phone, see a push news, scared trembling". The news shows, 1 o’clock in the afternoon, his cousin Li Xuyi in the city of Dashiqiao, pistol, an armored car hijacking, when the car is 35 million yuan. Almost Li Ming also saw the news push Li Shuai (a pseudonym), is Li Xuyi’s childhood friend, he did not dare to believe, immediately dialed Li Xuyi phone, no answer. He thought to himself, it was bad. On the same day, Liaoning Province, Yingkou city Dashiqiao Road on the raid, four siren. 9 pm, Li Xuyi was arrested in his home. Li Xuyi’s mother Wang Yan said, because their home contractors owe a huge debt, son Li Xuyi sold the house, borrow usury is still unable to fill the hole, under the pressure of the son made. The suspect took 600 thousand cash to his younger brother in September 7th around half past one in the afternoon, Li Xuyi came to his younger brother Li Xuliang in the shop, look in a hurry. Li Xuliang clearly remember, eldest brother carrying a black shoulder bag, the bag is mine, he went out back". Li Xuyi dropped the backpack, simply tell the younger brother: "there is money, who would later take him." Li Xuliang open the bag, there are six bundles of money. He estimated that one hundred thousand yuan per bundle. Li Xuliang think of it, a few days ago, brother and he said, there is a "looking for a friend to borrow money to come down," he thought it was the money, did not think. Ten minutes later, someone came to the store, said to take money. Li Xuliang see, know, is a creditor of Li Xuyi. He took 300 thousand of the remaining 300 thousand. A few minutes later, Li Xuliang saw a news shocked him from the mobile phone, brother Li Xuyi because the armored car robbery, was the arrest. Li Xuliang said he was at a loss, quickly called his mother, Wang Yan, my mother was scared, let me quickly send money to the public security bureau". 3 pm, Li Xuliang took the 300 thousand, came to Dashiqiao City Public Security Bureau, I want to report". "What is the case?" The police asked. "I just look at WeChat, rob armored car is my brother," Li Xuliang told the police, "to my shop before he gave me 600 thousand. Also said let others take, now left so much." According to the police in Liaoning, Dashiqiao, September 7th release, the same day at 1 pm, Dashiqiao robbery case occurred with a car. Yingkou Municipal Propaganda Department staff introduction, the suspect Li Xuyi (male, 35 years old, the Department of a financial company armored driver), a homemade pistol snatched the escort of 6 million yuan. Subsequently, the Dashiqiao Public Security Bureau released相关的主题文章: