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Apple ID theft man was required to prove that the " variable machine; mobile phone is my " Mr. Hu to show their iPhone 6 Plus for respondents figure Hu public recently very upset, 19, his stolen apple ID, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad were unable to use the lock screen, a brick. To unlock, Mr. Hu ran a number of mobile phone repair shop, were told not to be able to unlock success, and the cost is amazing; he contacted the official Apple customer service, also told to provide proof that "my mobile phone is my", and then through Apple’s U.S. headquarters to unlock, time-consuming longer. In the end how to do it? Mr. Hu helpless. Apple ID stolen variable anonymous mail for payment to unlock the press yesterday, the reporter contacted Mr. Hu, he is 26 years old this year, the state, now a Guangdong technology company. 19 evening, Hu made a circle of friends, said his apple ID stolen, iPhone 6 Plus can not be used. Figure shows the circle of friends, Mr. Hu’s mobile phone has been lock screen, if you want to continue to use, you must enter the correct password and apple ID. "I lost a lot of times, just can’t log on." Hu said that their iPad is using the same ID, so it can not be used. 20 am, Mr. Hu is worried about the phone thing, suddenly, his apple ID binding mailbox received an anonymous e-mail. Hair voice said, in order to unlock the phone, please add QQ, and attached the QQ number. In accordance with the QQ number in the mail, Mr. Hu made contact with the sender, the other said that the phone can be unlocked for Mr. Hu, but to 560 yuan to unlock the fee. Maintenance shop to pay $1850 to unlock does not guarantee success, how did he know that my phone was locked? If you can’t pay for it?" Mr. Hu full brain question mark, did not pay attention to the sender, and then he found his QQ number will pull black. The other suspect has a relationship with the pirates, Mr. Hu rushed to the local police station. Subsequently, Mr. Hu found a cell phone repair shop, trying to unlock the phone by way of a brush, but he ran around the 5 repair shop, were told that it is difficult to operate. "There is a repair shop clerk told me to unlock it in two ways: one is to pay 1850 yuan, the fastest two days, but is not guaranteed to be able to unlock success; the two is to pay 1350 yuan, about 20 days from the machine, also does not guarantee success." Hu said the clerk also told him that if the unlock is not successful, you can not refund the whole paragraph, up to only half. Customer service said the United States to audit the headquarters of the material is incomplete or rejected helpless, Mr. Hu contact Apple’s official customer service, hoping to get back apple ID. Customer service staff said that if you want to retrieve the apple ID, you need to prepare the material submitted to Apple’s U.S. headquarters audit, and the material should be able to prove that Mr. Hu is the holder of this phone. "At least we need to provide the original packing box, three packs of vouchers, invoices, but I only have an electronic invoice." Hu said. Customer service staff told Mr. Hu, if you can only provide electronic invoices, retrieve.相关的主题文章: