Anita Yuen’s dirty words only to her husband This is a kind of fun

Anita Yuen’s words only to her husband said: This is a taste of Anita Yuen Julian Cheung, Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hongkong actress Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung [micro-blog] [micro-blog] 15 years of marriage, they have 1 sons IMPS (Morton), but also with reality show the sun loving, the day before the birthday of her husband specially under the standard brand bags with envy of everyone. And she was 22, wearing a black skirt Peng attended the event, since the exposure time will swearing, and "only my husband said." Anita Yuen is the 1990 Gangjie champion turned, entered the entertainment circle star well, recently new Gangjie champions exploded before the election, swearing, Frank response to "swearing is the traditional culture of Hongkong", that will pick the occasion, "basically I will only speak to my husband, shut the door to talk real good", also describe "swearing is a kind of fun, but also feel miss Hongkong is a responsibility," don’t tell Hongkong when." In addition, Anita Yuen in the spotlight before other bright, often private makeup, "I think I have makeup OK, recently filmed reality show to makeup, feel a lot of things stuck on the face." Asked what kind of husband Julian Cheung love, love the husband smiled and said "I do not make-up, sometimes painting several eyeliner, immediately told me not painting, my son does not love, only a few years old man, now called the girlfriend or wife may not be sexy." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: