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"Ambush" Xu Jia screen friends nicknamed "Xu Jiayue" – Sohu Sohu Xu Jia entertainment entertainment news is Guizhou TV hit large two night War series "ambush" launched in just a few days, we harvest the highly spy war, many fans give, "superb acting tough guy" Xu Jia was again the audience. Nine this year, in October two months is "Xu Jiayue" to Xu fans who can be called, because Xu not only once again to bring the latest works of "ambush" landing screen, shortly before the end of the first starring, "battle of Yichang" in the performance has attracted a lot of people outside the industry praise. The play hidden underground party members in the new work, as the hero of "Shi Yongkai" acting also have tested. In an interview with Xu Jia quipped, I need to play Shi Yongkai, and Shi Yongkai were acting in the play, even he often disguised as Japanese soldiers in the other camp. At the same time, under the identity of the Kuomintang military officers hiding the true identity of the party members, the complex relationship, so that he can not react sometimes. Like Xu Jia fan after that, micro-blog went to his funny message "good brother react never mind, Wuli must be clear Yongkai handsome stone!" "Tough guy" Xu Jia two consecutive play turns staged, both reputation and evaluation of good harvest, this is enough to prove that Xu Jia on the television screen strong appeal, strong conditions and acting with integrity of blood he precise place guy is his character. "Ambush" is hit, please continue to pay attention to the wonderful performance of Xu jia.   相关的主题文章: