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All attention! This sentence with social security card – financial Sohu recently announced the Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the individual insured in violation of the regulations on basic medical insurance, social security officials decided to stop using the card. Illegal use of social security card but to the law, and the social security card in fact there are many kinds of usage, you know how much? Case 1 and fraudulent insurance jailed for trial in Zhejiang with fraudulent insurance case. The mother suffering from hypertension for many years, let her father get health insurance card to buy medicine, total reimbursement of 11376.64 yuan, the mother and daughter both jailed. It turned out that their social security card, not to buy medicine for his family. 2 cases of fraudulent social security card jailed for two and a half years excuse mother retired mother action inconvenience, woman holding its parent’s social security card to the hospital. After opening medicine reselling, nearly 500 thousand yuan a year fraudulent. When it was discovered that the woman jailed for two and a half years. Shenzhen announced the establishment of the Social Security Bureau, bureau of health insurance supervision department, and the first transfer of public security departments of the illegal use of medical insurance card case, 5 people were sentenced, the highest jailed for 3 years. 3 cases of illegal handling of social security charges back procedures jailed in December 2013 to February 2014, Wuhan City, Hongshan social security department approved registration section of the original department together with the Department of housing Yan Bin clerk Wang Fan, Li Hui two people, three illegal 1624 buyers do not have the qualifications of non Wuhan household staff for social insurance fee payment procedures, and from taking bribes of 1 million 98 thousand yuan. In April 9, 2015, Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court to the crime of breach of privilege of bribery crime and sentenced Fang Yanbin life imprisonment in nine years and six months seven years and six months, Wang Fan was sentenced to imprisonment, sentenced Li Hui life imprisonment in six years and six months. Social security card will be used under the chaos of these acts, once committed, it is no doubt that fraud, fraud, to be punished. 1 false false false means the purchase of medicines and other medical treatment, defrauding funds. 2 falsification of medical records, bills forgery or the use of false medical records, prescription, laboratory test report, disease diagnosis and other medical instruments and medical bills. 3 in drug reselling drugs and other means of taking the funds, illegal profits or unjust enrichment. 4 lend to others I will be social security card to others, designated units, other units to use, resulting in the loss of funds. 5 take the excessive use of social security card, the insured repeated excessive open treatment of cerebrovascular disease, mental disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and other diseases of the drug, to provide for your family and friends to use. 6 family share a card because some people are not up to the real-time outpatient reimbursement line, will be playing in one family share a social security card idea, or children use their social security card or medical dispensing, one family with a highest proportion of social security payment card, which is illegal. Social security card can be really useful for social security cards, most people may first think of the function of their doctor, in fact, in addition to a doctor"相关的主题文章: