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Afternoon newspaper: Messi accused of manipulating the national team selection Xi’an home court now more from the fake case "Messi’s good friends is not strong enough the reporter suggested that Messi Argentina candidate: just pick the interference but friends is not strong enough details > > the Argentina national team to get the topic title, the journalist Daniel Avellaneda wrote an article criticizing Messi" friends teammates "is not strong enough, and Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Di Maria et al. Example. At the same time, he said in the second half, the Argentina team to break the existing pattern of candidates, not influenced by Messi national team selection decision, because he will let coach selected some of his good friends, now the Argentina team, the way for a call.   33 Russell Yi Jianlian missed the Lakers fali Denver > > revenge details; Beijing time on October 10th, the Lakers in California Ontario city with a 124-115 victory over the nuggets. Lakers season 2 wins and 1 losses. Without Yi Jianlian, the Lakers backcourt angry, Dean Gilo – Russell three points 7 throw in 4, scored 33 points, Nick Young also hit 4 record three points, with 25 points. Julius Randle 16 points and 5 assists, Nick Young 14. Substitute appearances Jordan – Clarkson also scored 12 points, Blanton – Ingram had only 4 points.   Baer exposure had become the Real Madrid locker room leader gangster C Laurie to help him the details of > > Baer in the locker room real right to speak more and more heavy, according to reports in the Spanish media, multiple factors help, Welsh gradually became a leader in a pivotal team. "Marca" said that although the overall offensive Real Madrid still questioned, but Baer’s personal authority has been gradually set up. One of the most important reasons is that the players on the field performance. Since the end of last season, for the team to reverse the situation and strive for victory, not as Real Madrid who do better, Welsh also by virtue of the performance won the respect of the dressing room, want to know before, some real madrid chiefs is in doubt, to him now, Baer has gradually turned itself to a the team leader.   Xi’an home court now more from the fake case fans Trinidad country foot chase money dashuipiao details > > October 6th at 5:30 in the afternoon, in accordance with the agreement in Shaanxi fans artikujt Stadium East Gate (Front Gate) and Jiang Peiguo met, just met shortly they got together play ball, holding tickets, artikujt beamingly to Jiang Peiguo tell his "extraordinary" buying experience: "the ticket is too expensive, 380 are sold to more than 1200, I managed to spend 800 dollars to buy a ticket, the ticket price was 1800." Arvin hastened to the security staff query, a few minutes later, the results came out: it spent 800 yuan to buy a ticket, is a fake ticket.   exposure to less and return to Pakistan or Tardelli and KUKA together again details > > Beijing on October 10th news, according to media "90min football";相关的主题文章: