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A Song Dynasty cloud dragon hollow traditional culture – the money map of the Hohhot evening news reporter Ma Yan for thousands of years, although the "money" of the shapes, styles and varieties of every hue, use is similar, of course, the main function is the circulation and trading. But in the field of ancient coins, "money" is a flower, although also known as "money", like the shape of money, but not when using money. It is used to express the blessing, evil desire, or wear, playing with a folk money, has now become the object of amateurs. "The beauty of money, beauty in its form, more beautiful in the folk culture behind it. Although the ‘money’ is insignificant in the history of currency circulation, it is a valuable historical material for the study of folklore." Collection of Ms. Jia Jia Jia hid a dragon carved to spend money, she and her lover are regarded as treasures, for money, they have their own understanding and insights. "I love to enter the business has been 20 years, during which large and small bought a lot of things, the beginning will be deceived, but with their own continuous learning, accumulating experience, probability of this" hole "is more and more small. This double gold money is also three years ago from the hands of others, in turn, is carving a dragon, dragon, dragon scales are clearly visible, and the outside of the coin has formed a very good patina layer. From the outside carving technique, patina, I think this should be a money in Song Dynasty, and expensive." Ms. Jia said. Collectors Mr. White: money is a coin collection, this coin originated from the Han Dynasty, early is a kind of folk play money to entertain, not as circulation. There are many kinds of money, some as a gift, as some animals, some for the town library, and is used to ward off evil. The most common money is "auspicious money" in the coin casting a "," blessing in front of a long life of abundance and respectability "" auspicious words. Friends of Tibet and Ms. Jia this one money, although not auspicious words, estimation also illustrates this different pieces of money! Mr. Du: I personally think that this is a song of the pressure of money, the pressure is also known as the money to spend money, although the civil society has cast, but the main preservation so far in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Jia believes that her collection of this money is the Song Dynasty, while the average price of the Song Dynasty is not high, ranging from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars. President of the Hohhot Association of collectors Zhang Baojian: this money should be called cloud dragon hollow money. Design Center for the dragon, surrounded by auspicious clouds around. The shape of a dragon common in Song Liao mirror. Compared with the common varieties of hollowed out money, this money is not in the hole, so it can be called a round ornaments. Inner Mongolia deputy general research librarian Yang Runxian: the museum office gold money features mainly because it is not only a double money, age, and the head is relatively large. Compared to the Ming and Qing Dynasties to spend money, the Song Dynasty money casting technology slightly inferior, the figure, the edge of the zodiac pattern have obvious indentation, which is also a knowledge of the Song Dynasty to spend money. Is the Dragon pierced.相关的主题文章: