A British model of joint racing Jaguar Land Rover appeared in British racing festival feast ca1871

A British model of joint racing Jaguar Land Rover racing festival feast appeared in Britain         from left to right: Jin Bao CEO and founder of the British Racing Festival (Jim James), China Jaguar Land Rover public relations and corporate communications executive vice president Ms. Wang Yan, the British Embassy in Beijing international trade department in charge of transportation, advanced manufacturing and Minister counsellor Dr. Lin Wei (Dr Mark Wareing) sina sports news on September 21, 2016, the second session of the British Racing Festival in the media conference held in Beijing the British ambassador’s residence. From the British Embassy, the British Racing Festival and the Jaguar Land Rover representatives were present, and the guests to talk about the development trend of Chinese automobile industry and motor racing. It is reported that second of the British Racing Festival will be held October 1, 2016 track in Beijing Golden Port Auto Park, together a number of racing related activities, bring the speed and passion of the feast for the fans and family Chinese. The British Racing Festival has been supported by the British government and a number of British institutions in China, Jaguar Land Rover led a number of well-known British companies are also actively involved in the event. In the one-day Racing Festival, China fans on the track drive Jaguar Land Rover all models, including Jaguar’s first car type SUV F-PACE and the latest launch of the new style sports car business — the new Jaguar XFL. In addition, the British Racing Festival also set up electric go kart racing, women’s athletic competition, "thermal test ride" and other exciting aspects of British Music Festival, was the scene of fans and family to create an unforgettable holiday in england. As a representative of the British luxury automaker, Jaguar Land Rover and the British Racing Festival for the first time together is one of the highlights of this fall. Talk about such diverse racing event, Jaguar Land Rover executive vice president of public relations and corporate communications China Ms. Wang Yan said: "the British Racing Festival is a domestic rare event platform, but also a British culture and the passion of the track of the holiday meal. In the view of test drive and experience at the same time, guests can also participate in various recreational activities racing themed. JLR will show to the public all models with our brand experience, but also sincerely invite friends in the media and the majority of car enthusiasts together to feel the charm of the culture of the British car." Jaguar Land Rover to enter the Chinese market for six years, with the continuous innovation of products and constantly improve the service for Chinese consumers to bring the authentic experience of respect. Jaguar Land Rover to join the second British Racing Festival will showcase the performance quality of Jaguar Land Rover models, wonderful story behind the British model, and will further promote the development of culture and sports car in the Chinese.相关的主题文章: