4 junior high school girls want to give up their studies leave a note left (video) ca1810

4 junior high school girls to give up their home away from home for boys to leave a note for him to go home. Aunt wonton school daughter, but found the child’s note on the table, probably content is not to go to school, to go out to work. Then, the phone is not connected, the message does not return. Yesterday, Ms. Liu braved the snow looking for his daughter in Shenyang, until the evening news has no children. More unfortunately, three other families received the same note, in the same situation. Lost contact with the 4 girls are around the age of 15, are in Shenyang, a third grade school students. "In the morning the child gets up very early, say is a matter, after the child was gone, see a note on her desk, say to want to run away from home, I ran out." Recalled the scene in the morning, Shenyang Liu filled with remorse. Note there are two pages, which is about the content, the child does not want to read the junior middle school, want to turn to the school, to start in March next year, this time, she will go to a friend’s cake shop workers, can the bag eats, and express the apology to parents Frence leave. In fact, Liu also have the opportunity to avoid the occurrence of her daughter away. She said that when she was chased out of the bus, has not gone, her daughter sat in the bus, but the daughter insisted not to get off, the other students are in the car, she will not be forced to leave the daughter, daughter to go to school together. The result is unexpected, after her daughter take the school bus to go, Ms. Liu told the teacher call to confirm whether the child in school, the teacher said her daughter and did not go to school, then, Ms. Liu has been playing the daughter of the phone, has no answer. Later, Ms. Liu learned that, with the same situation there are three other families, in the morning to go to school, she saw her daughter and the other three girls away together. Liu said, with the children who mentioned in the letter confirmed, and there is no cake room, she speculated that the children may be discussed in advance, she could not think where the child is now. The parents of 4 children in the snow around the day, but still no child’s information, "hurry back, don’t go to school not to go to school, stay at home too." Ms. Liu said. > > > more news in the first half of Shenyang city residents disposable income of nearly 20 thousand [worth $258 worth of free trial of air cream! Scan two-dimensional code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "air cushion cream" understand and participate in the activities, patted gently makeup like nature itself! ]相关的主题文章: