3616 people involved in the auction of the Beijing brand car winner Yao Hao were more than 50 times -3edyy

3616 people bid for 27 vehicles involved in the "Beijing brand car Yaohao were over 50 times winner of the original title: 3616 people involved in the auction of" Beijing brand car "Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) second year period the Beijing card car judicial disposal work since the start of this month 12 days, 22 days later, the treatment 27 the car was all successful bidder. The statistical data of Beijing city high school shows that this period a total of 3616 people participated in the Beijing brand car auction. On the morning of 22 March 8, 27 passenger cars bid officially began, there are 18 vehicles have been quoted the highest price in the first round of the second round, the remaining vehicles offer the highest price. The reporter statistics found that the bids in "the fire" of a car is 510 times price. As of late 18, 2016 second Beijing passenger car to justice after 10 hours of bidding, the final confirmation of the bidder, to complete the bidding procedure. "The fire" the vehicle was 510 times price from September 12th onwards, Beijing city court to start the second year period of the Beijing brand cars work available to the public administration of justice, Beijing court was seized or detained car ownership through bidding procedures, and handle the vehicle transfer registration procedures according to the relevant procedures. 27 vehicles were disposed of information, photos and other relevant circumstances have been published in the relevant website. 27 vehicles were disposed of a number of Buick cars, Dongfeng Peugeot, BMW cars, etc.. A Buick car to assess the price of the highest 231 thousand yuan; a Passat sedan to assess the price of 52 thousand yuan minimum. All the cars in the latest is a brand of Changan motor vehicle, the vehicle information display date of 2013, the odometer shows mileage of 25000 km, the assessment value of 68 thousand and 900 yuan, set up in accordance with the highest price of 150%, the highest price for the car is 103 thousand and 350 yuan. 3616 people participated in the bidding, the motor vehicles in Changan was the most "strong", a total of 510 people bid quotation. 26 bidders had Yaohao 52 times in accordance with the provisions of the bidding is involved in small bus disposal shall be in Beijing, and not through the audit qualification Yaohao ballot. But if many people are bidding to quote the most expensive, the cumulative maximum number of bidders Yaohao will become the ultimate buyer, Yaohao number is the same according to the registration Yaohao time is determined. In May this year, Beijing has held the first phase of the judicial disposal involved in the activities of the vehicle, 11 vehicles involved in the auction. The final bidding results show that all the buyers have Yaohao 50 times, and the Yaohao registration time is January 1, 2011. In the auction activity, according to the statistical data of Beijing City Court, 27 "the last winner" in 26 Yaohao 52 times, 1 times the 51 yaohao. In the case of the auction of BMW cars, for example, a total of 64 people offer, and ultimately the buyer had been Yaohao 52 times, Yaohao registration time is January 2, 2011.相关的主题文章: