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Movies-TV Anthony Hopkins, born Philip Anthony Hopkins on new years eve 1937, is one of the most legendary and versatile British actors of all time, his award-winning film career spanning over 40 years. Born in Wales, not far from another famous Welsh actor, Richard Burton, Tony, (as he wishes to be called) was brought up living above the family bakery business, his bedroom over shadowed by the dazzling lights of a cinema. Hopkins is dyslexic and favored art and music to the more studious subjects and so the shy, sensitive youngster immersed himself in these pursuits instead of being attentive to studying. Tony left school with one ‘O’ level in English. Hopkins’other pursuit was the cinema and by the late 1950’s, Richard Burton was already a Hollywood star and when Burton returned home to Wales on one occasion, Hopkins went to get his autograph. This was a turning point for Hopkins, witnessing how Richard Burton had got himself up and out of this small Welsh village and Hopkins aspired to follow in his footsteps in search of fame and fortune in America. Hopkins gained a study place at RADA and was invited to join Olivier’s esteemed National Theatre. In 1967 he was understudy for Olivier in ‘Dance of Death’ until Olivier was taken unwell unexpectedly and Hopkins assumed the lead for himself, giving a very well reviewed performance which was swiftly followed by a succession of successful parts. The first tv movie for Hopkins was ‘A flea in her Ear’, in 1967 in which Petronella Barker, whom Hopkins married that year, also had a part. Hopkins’ real movie debut followed in 1968 in the ‘Lion in Winter’, in which he gave a well-casted performance and was nominated for a Bafta. Having been a loner all his life, he did not take easily to the glare of publicity into which success had thrown him and he started drinking heavily, even though dedicated obsessively to his vocation at the same time. Hopkins and his wife had a baby girl, Abigail but the marriage soon began to falter and by 1972 they were divorced and Hopkins was separated from his daughter. His drinking and behaviour were getting progressively worse then 1973 saw him walk-out on the National Theatre. His fame grew on a national scale when in 1973 he played the memorable Pierre in the tv epic ‘War and Peace’, for which he received a Bafta award. In 1973 Hopkins married Jennifer Lynton, who supported him in his struggle against alcohol abuse and in 1975 Hopkins gave up drink for good. By the mid 1980’s Hopkins had a chain of films to his recognition and the American dream had .e true. Hopkins’ flexibility as an actor is vast and his skill to absolutely immerse himself in the various character parts is remarkable. Hopkins’ is a .plete professional wherever his work is concerned, he re-reads scripts hundreds of times if necessary and is not known for being tolerant of retakes. Numerous Bafta, and Golden Globe nominations were showered upon Hopkins, though working in America, began to take its’ toll, Jenni, his wife could not make out the attraction of the States, and as a result Hopkins concentrated on his UK career from the mid 1980’s onwards. Anthony Hopkins is best known the world over for the part that catapulted his recognition to Oscar status in 1991 ‘ Hannibal the Cannibal in ‘Silence of the Lambs’. His American career had once again taken flight, but this time on a grand scale. Hopkins at last had his Oscar and two further Lecter films followed, ‘Hannibal’ and ‘Red Dragon’. The continuity of character in the three films is consistently brilliant and addictive but Hopkins claims to have hung up his Hannibal mask, who knows ? In 1993 Anthony Hopkins was rewarded with a knighthood and in 2000 he became a U.S. citizen, soon after the finish of his marriage. The Hollywood career just kept getting better, with ‘Howards End’, ‘Remains of the Day’, ‘Shadowlands’, ‘The Edge’ and ‘Fracture’ being notable, some winning Oscar nominations. At present, living in California, Hopkins spends his time .posing music, painting and playing the piano, a man of many talents, a real silver screen star and icon, a film director and .poser of movie scores, as well as an ac.plished pianist and artist. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: