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Arts-and-Entertainment Every day, some of the best-known companies worldwide turn to us to solve their most challenging problems. We relish these challenges because at Mayank, we"re always looking for new ways to deliver value in the products, services and solutions that are most important to our customers" success. Mayank is a premier diversified industrial company with a focus on manufacturing and delivering high quality custom engineered parts. We earned this ranking by changing our balance of businesses, offering breakthrough solutions to our customers, and consistently delivering outstanding results. Our employees who dedicate themselves towards making a difference on behalf of all our various constituents drive our success. While the cornerstone of our enterprise, our brand Mayank, is new within the last decade, our values are longstanding. We operate from a position of integrity in all that we do and care deeply about how we get our company"s results. As a global corporate citizen we continue to place significant investment behind creating products, systems and services that support a sustainable future. This includes delivering the highest quality parts for the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic, Gas & plumbing including a complete range of compliant products for drinking water applications. We have taken an initiative to meet the new challenges facing the plumbing Industry, Innovative material solutions, that support the realization of drinking water installations to the most modern guidelines according to consumer protection, are the main focus of the development work at Mayank Raw Mint Pvt. Ltd. " As a better balanced, leaner, and more focused enterprise, Mayank is well positioned to take full advantage of the coming upturn in our end markets . Product monitoring and measurement "In order to guarantee customers that their specifications will be met, We. have organized efficient monitoring by measuring product and process characteristics, in the following ways: " Definition of the requirements in terms of work and tolerances, with reference to drawings, standards, technical specifications, contractual clauses, expected and cogent requisites. " Development of control plans by Process Engineering "" responsible for planning the manufacturing process "" and therefore the source of greater added value, to assess the strong points and critical areas of the production process. " Execution of monitoring and measuring on incoming material, in line and on final product by Quality Control, including here the equipment and auto-control by production workers. COMPRESSION – used wherever an easy and economical method of connecting tubing is required. Most commonly used with instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and are designed for use with aluminum, copper and plastic tubing. Compression fittings are not however recommended for steel tubing. Compression fittings also have a fair resistance to vibration, and operating temperatures as well as tube types are important factors in product selection. FLARE – extensively used for fuel, oil, air liquid petroleum (LP) and natural gas lines connections. Can be used with copper, brass, aluminum and welded steel tubing that can be flared. Flare fittings have good resistance to vibration as well. PIPE – can be used for a variety of applications including water, grease, fuels, LP and natural gas, refrigeration, instrumentation and hydraulic systems. Can be connected to brass, copper and iron pipe in low and medium pressure pipe line connections. Pipe fittings have a fair resistance to vibration and pipe movement depending on installation conditions. HOSE BARB – used to connect flexible tubing with internal pressures up to 150 psi maximum. Transition fittings for pipe applications are manufactured with Dry seal pipe threads. Hose clamp required for proper installation. About the Author: The Website Company are experts in consulting and delivering effective, functional, high impacting and creative web solutions for you and your company. We carry out all the necessary research and development to achieve the design and functionality that is required to achieve your goals. Our web design and development services offer you the opportunity to explore different ways of streamlining and generating new revenue for your business. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章: