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Web-Design We have seen product enhancement features in part 1 and part 2, Shipping enhancement features in part 3 and now we will examine the shopping cart enhancement features. After .pletion of checkout process visitor converts into long lasting customers. Their second visit to your store determines the success rate of your business. Here are some features, which can improve your overall performance for Yahoo! Store. Ajax based Add to Cart In any normal shopping cart when a visitor from the product page adds item to the shopping cart, it immediately reaches to the shopping cart page. User may not have a chance to purchase another product without finishing the checkout process. This seems a big disadvantage in terms of business that customers are not tempted to purchase more. You can over.e it by adding a button on your store, the AJAX based Add-to-Cart button. This button enables you to stay on the same product page and view more products for further purchases before going to the checkout page. Add this button on any listing or product page. Auto Sliding Floating Shopping Cart When customers from home page, listing page, product page or from any page would like to see what is in shopping cart, they should be able to do it. There is a Widget rather than feature, which opens an auto-sliding menu for the floating shopping cart. It depicts all items in your shopping cart and customers need not to go for checkout page every time. This floating shopping cart can be placed on the side bar of the website. This is the cleanest way to show your visitors what they have added in their cart. Currency Converter In online business visitors may .e from any country and use any currency of the world. Your visitors may like to see the prices in their own currency, in such occasions a currency converter is greatly helpful. This feature shows the product prices in the currency of the selected regions or countries. For instance your visitors are from Canada and want to show prices in Canadian dollar. The currency converter will show the prices in Canadian dollar by converting ratio from US dollars. Custom Checkout Manager Integration This is a new checkout manager recently introduced by Yahoo! That gives more control over the checkout process than ever before. Coupon Management Product promotion is an important contributor in the success of e.merce shop. Yahoo! store coupon manager manages special coupon code and gift certificates you have declare on specific products. This one is best utility to place great value and spare no effort in establishing solid client relationships. You can track coupon code once it has been awarded thus; it makes it easier to track returning customers. It is an established fact that you can generate greater revenues from repeat customers. This feature helps you to track and attend them very well. Add this feature on the checkout page. Scheduled Add to Cart There are occasions when you want to go for a vacation and want to disable only add to cart or checkout pages so none of your customers can purchase anything. But you want your shopping cart website running regularly not affecting the SEO part. This time this feature helps you. Accept Payments via PayPal (Set up Support) PayPal is the most accepted payment options worldwide. So add it as an additional payment option in your Yahoo! Store. This will make the payment process very easy for your clients. Custom Graphic/Message for Out of Stock Icon It is utmost necessary to inform your customers what is available in your store and what is out of stock. This feature shows you a custom graphic for your store to show which item is out of stock. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: