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Cooking-Tips You can get Books from some of the world renowned cookbook authors like Sanjeev Kapoor the Indian Master Chef with his Innovative & Fusion foods to Nita Mehta’s Expertise on the Regional Indian recipes with precise Ingredients & accurate Measurements to Tarla Dalal a cooking expert with pure Vegetarian Cuisine Recipes to Madhur Jaffrey who showcased the Indian Food to Europeans to Asha Khatau’s Global Recipes for Indian Palate and Fusion Foods to Jeroo Mehtas Recipes from Parsi Cooking originating from the Persian Culinary Delights to Karen Anand with her Fusion Indian Food Recipes to Rashmi Uday Singh with her Immaculate presentations and Ingredients to Jiggs Kalra who popularized Restaurant like Indian Curries and brought Laural to Punjabi Cuisine to Camellia Punjabi who introduced curry to the Britishers to Rakesh Sethi with his Recipes from Restaurant kitchens to Laxmi Khurana and Aroona Reejhsinghani also Bhicoo Manekshaw & Katy Dalal with Parsie Recipes to Ritu Dalmia with her passion for Italian Food. International Chefs and famous cookery authors like Delia Smith with her English Style Cooking, Anthony Bourdain’s American and Asian Recipes, Jamie Oliver,Nigella Lawsons simple Homely British Style Recipes, Gary Rhodes Great Cookbooks, Gordon Ramseys style of cooking, Kylie Kwong’s Oriental style Recipes, Martha Stewarts Renowned Cooking Nadia Swalha’s Arab style recipes from the family kitchen. Today it is very easy to get our hands on the recipes we need, with the food and drinks now being accessible to millions across the world with globe trotting traveler having tasted the cuisines from the Oriental foods from Chinese which is one of the most popular in India after Punjabi & South Indian Fares to Japanese with its Subtle bland yet tasty with perfect presentations of the dishes to Indonesian which is very similar to Indian with the South Asian Ingredient too Malaysian recipes with good old Coconut Based Curries, to the world renowned Thai food with Hot & Spicy medley of Tastes of the Red and Green Thai Curries just to name a few. People now acknowledge the rich and diverse culture of Regional Indian Cuisines with Hot Spicy Curries to the quick and easy to make popular street food to the traditional authentic regional fares like the Tandoori of the north west province of Punjab with its hearty rich curries and Chicken Tikkas and Paneer Recipes to the Rice Eating Southern States with tiffin recipes like Idlies & dosas to Vada Sambhar to Rich Vegetables and Chicken Curries with Coconut , Tamarind & hot Spices from South India to the vegetarian Cuisines of Gujarat and Rich Warrior foods of the Rajasthan like Dal Bati and Laal maans to very Rich Recipes of Kashmir like the Rajma Chawal to Rogan josh and Gustaba & Bhakarkhanis to dum Aloo recipes to the Cuisines of the eastern coast with Rice and Fish Currries from Bengal with world Famous Desserts and Sweets to the royal cuisines and tehzeeb of the Dastarkhan a Awadh with Rich Non Vegetarian dishes with Mughal Influence , also Middle Eastern Recipes from Moroccan like the Harira soups to the Couscus and Targines to Turkish delights like the Bakalvas teas and Falafal, Pita breads, Babaganoush and the Mint Teas and Persian Recipes from the Iran Region. With Mediterranean food being widely accepted as healthy with lots of fresh ingredients like Herbs, Sea food. Fresh Citrus Fruits and Vegetables and Olive oil. Italian cuisine which is quite popular and enjoyed by millions of Indians, like various Soups, Pastas and Pizzas to Tiramisu. Food unites the whole world today the citizens of the Earth living across continents enjoy the global recipes and has reduced the cultural differences and barriers thanks to the recipe books available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: