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2016: Ma Huateng who shares up 79 billion to top the list following the October 13th release of "2016 garden city forest in Malaysia? Hurun" (Forest City? Hurun Rich List 2016), the Hurun Research Institute released today, one of the top 2016 "Hurun rich list" Hu Runtao (Hurun Cash Out Rich List 2016) and this is the Hurun Research Institute released tenth times "report cash rich list", from July 1, 2015 to August 15, 2016 the statistics list the amount of cash rich, this ranking. The amount of cash is not minus the tax part. A total of 30 entrepreneurs on the "2016 Hurun cash rich list" on the list this year, but the threshold decreased from 1 billion 350 million to 1 billion. The amount of cash in the list is mainly from July 1, 2015 to August 15, 2016 figures. 30 entrepreneurs in the past year, the total set of cash to reach $69 billion 200 million, compared with last year, a decrease of 19.5%. Per capita cash 2 billion 310 million yuan. Ma Huateng holdings of shares after Tencent profit 7 billion 900 million, became the king of the 2016 cash". Hu Run said: in the last year, the stock market capitalization of holdings of about 20000000000, of which the cash of $7 billion 900 million, do charity 13 billion 900 million." Curve Wrecker comfier Entrepreneurs Association Xia Jiantong and Yang Quanyu Xinwei group over the past year the cash 4 billion 100 million, ranking tied for second. Joint comfier 40 year old summer unification is the youngest of the cash rich start empty-handed. Among them, Guangdong entrepreneurs cash up to 9; secondly, Beijing, 8, 2 more than last year; Zhejiang over Jiangsu ranked third, 4; Shanghai fourth, 3; Shandong fifth, 2; Anhui, Fujian, Hebei and Jilin each have 1 people on the list. The richest real estate industry, accounting for 21%. The 30 list of entrepreneurs, there are 21 mainly through the transfer or reduction of holdings of shares of listed companies cash, the total number of the list of the 70%, the other 8 are mainly in the past year, listed companies receive dividends (mainly Hongkong listed real estate companies, including Hengda, Longhu, Shi Mao, etc.) have the 1 will be sold to the listed company cash to start a business. 30 Mainland tycoons over the past year cash over 1 billion yuan, the total cash of $69 billion 200 million, compared with last year, a decrease of 19.5%. 9 in this year’s Hurun top 100, including 3 in the top ten: Ma Huateng, Xu Jiayin and He Xiangjian, He Jianfeng and his son. In addition, 4 on the list this year, cash rich boarded the Hurun philanthropy list, Ma Huateng, Xu Jiayin, are Xu Rongmao and Yang Huiyan. Attachment: the amount of cash and the way the top ten entrepreneurs in the 1. Ma Huateng: the amount of cash 7 billion 900 million yuan since July last year, Ma Huateng continued reduction of the Hong Kong stock listed company shares in Tencent, cash holdings amounted to 7 billion 900 million yuan, Ma Huateng wealth of 165 billion yuan this year to 2016 in the "garden city forest" third Hurun Report?. 2. The amount of cash: Xia Lei 4 billion 100 million相关的主题文章: