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This indicates that the cancer man urine " data-link=" " > men to urinate so that cancer urine color may be because something changes may be as harmless substances drugs or food, or infection and cancer and harmful substances. Urine pink or red blood, is the need for warning. "If you see there is blood in the urine, even if only once, you need to see a doctor," Marshall stolar, Professor of Urology at the University of California in San Francisco said. "There may be nothing," he said, "but it could also be an early symptom of kidney stones or cancer." Red urine is not the only danger. "Sometimes urine has a Coca-Cola color," said Stora. "It may be derived from tumor or renal calculi or renal calculi is dead blood clot, which is more common in people with anemia. "Another reason why people have Cola colored urine is that the man was hit," Stora said. Bumps, such as those damaged in the earthquake, causing muscle injury, a small amount of injured tissue into the blood and kidney stones through urine infiltration. Liver injury can also lead to brown urine, and porphyria and hereditary blood disorders. The consumption of large amounts of soy beans or soy foods can also turn urine into yellow or red. But not all abnormal urine color is bad news. In fact, don’t be surprised if you eat a lot of beets or blueberries and find your urine red or pink. Of course, also can make the red urine a laxative. For the same reason orange urine, if you take phenazopyridine containing urethral painkiller, this is your urine looks like sugar, saying about the color of urine drug effects, "this is a very typical thing," said stora. Some commonly used drugs for the treatment of bladder methylene blue is uncomfortable ingredients, can turn urine a blue or green. There is also a lot of water soluble vitamins can make the urine is lighter than normal yellow. A genetic case of a strange smell, the cause of the disease is due to the fact that its urine smells like sweet maple syrup, because the body can’t digest certain amino acids. It is usually diagnosed in infants and is treated with a restricted diet, which must begin early in life to prevent brain damage and other problems. In every country, every newborn child has an examination of the disease. Sweet urine may also mean diabetes, because too much blood sugar into the urine. And, as far as doctors in the Middle Ages know, sugar can also affect the taste of urine, but that is just a diagnostic test, and they might prefer to do less. But it’s not over yet. Asparagus because it makes the notorious smelly urine, only a few people aware of this. "A week I treated 100 patients, saw a strange color of the urine. Only one percent," Stora said. However, most of the doctors in the urine for clues is invisible, he explained, only in the laboratory can detect the urine. "You can put the dipstick urine soaked in addition相关的主题文章: