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Professor Lu Binglun: Apple muscle can be exchanged for Apple phone? Ha ha – Sohu today met a health clinic beauty girl, humorous language, but feel some truth to say, so I’m going to write a happy topic today; you can get beautiful muscle apple apple mobile phone do you know? Ha-ha。 The girl of less than 30 years old, fashion in her fully embodies, she is rather thin in the face, apple muscle plump, temples slightly concave, there is no so-called "liking", when everyone in the discussion of Apple’s 7 mobile phone listed on how to save the time of the purchase, she had a different view: "save money to buy Apple’s 7 mobile phone manufacturing, as an apple muscle for myself, my boyfriend looked at the beautiful girlfriend happy, let alone the apple 7 mobile phone, he is most willing to buy a car, this is more than just buy a mobile phone to" P "Apple muscle temptation friends male ticket!" Haha, all the friends in the consulting room laughed. This is justified, I praise for the scheming sister. Today, mobile phone would play the big face, the stars will not weak, do not have a few days to burst out of the picture than the last time the United States turned, like apple muscle (not Apple 7) become plump. Apple muscle; young skin is a sign called "Apple muscle", apple muscle girls, look younger, in fact is not only girls, men are the same, do not believe you look at my picture, huh huh huh. Full face, two cheeks pink is youth, and good fortune will follow, but in reality if Apple muscle super concave collapse, will make wrinkles under the eyes drooping, and let it no meat, a serious black eye, super man wearing well. "Apple muscle" is an artifact by age, how to help you create unimaginable beauty, there are a few ways you can choose; 1 autologous fat transplantation Apple muscle; human abdomen, legs and other parts of the excess fat injected into Apple muscle depressions, the thickening of the dermis, make the skin more rich elastic. 2 injection of hyaluronic acid apple apple muscle muscle; filled with hyaluronic acid, the effect Tatemi, easy shaping and natural expression, significantly improve the ability to lock the water facial skin. Look in the mirror, see the apple muscle you have to imagine the beautiful! To use their own knowledge and beauty in exchange for endless wealth it, apple 7 phone and what?! The last words of this girl is very happy for me; with a beautiful apple muscle, I have the ability to change a new phone, for a boyfriend is possible, but also with the consideration of Apple’s 8 era how to change the machine? Interesting。 So you can get the apple muscle is not only Apple’s 7 phone, employment will bring you a new experience. Expert: Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Dean Lu Binglun Oscar plastic surgery plastic surgery hospital. WeChat: lu99772 graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University, he served as director of plastic surgery Craniofacial Center of Xijing Hospital. Is China’s famous plastic surgery experts, mainly to complete the first case of China allotranspantation, and won the first prize of army medical achievements. Cheekbones, mandibular angle and other changes in the number and quality of facial surgery in the forefront of the country.相关的主题文章: