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Lu media: the Orangemen set off with Zhang Yuning or X temperament Group [] national football night factor information arrived in South Korea fans greeted the red carpet shop specialized hotel reporter Meng Xiangyi in 2001, China men in Shenyang River in five reached the world cup stadium. After a lapse of 15 years, yesterday evening, the new session of the national team again from the land of Shenyang, to open the 12 season journey, the first stop is South korea. Orangemen off handsome friends yesterday by the National Father Wang Jianlin scraper, one of his "first set a can achieve small goals, such as I make it one hundred million" is lit on the network. One hundred million yuan for the vast majority of people is an impossible task, so it is the country foot away against the South Korean team, the two teams from the comparison, the historical record, personnel and so on, very slim Gao Jun away upset hopes, but not without a fight cowardly self abandoned, is the largest The weak overcame the strong. charm of football the trip to South Korea, the country foot soldiers must have the courage to set a small goal in mind to believe, this is at least 1 minutes away to get. Battle with boy band 25 players temperament upgrade all single room 7 points last night, the Orangemen take charter flights from Shenyang to Seoul, when all the players are all dressed up, wearing a suit and tie, sharp, looks handsome. South Korea is a star, these years of continuous conveying the legs Obama, but in the eyes of many fans, yesterday the country foot more man days temperament. Through these two days of reports, we learned that this time the foot of the Republic of Korea, the Chinese Football Association’s logistical work to achieve perfection. In addition to the Charter, the team to stay in five star hotel, with the chef, and contracted a floor of the hotel, with at least 3 guards, 24 hour guard, we are not at rest feet Baoguo interference. The latest news shows that the Chinese Football Association once again raise the level of service, the room will be upgraded, each player has been treated as a single, rather than when the game before the two people live in a house, such a specification in the history of rare. Last night, all 25 players to South Korea, the 23 person is not before the media analysis, this is in order to prevent accidental injuries and other factors, in the end there were only 18 people in the squad, the game’s foot as many as 7 people could not compete, thus it can be seen that the degree of attention to the game. 10 pm, the Orangemen soldiers arrived at the hotel, twenty or thirty fans had waited for a long time, they emit "Chinese cheering cries, hotel lobby also paved with red carpet to greet guests welcome Chinese team. A simple summary of the country in the first line of the trip to Korea: any money or people can solve the problem, are not called things. The main frame has been finalized individual position suspense Gao Hongbo back to the national football has mobilized 45 players participated in the 6 phase of training, and ultimately selected 25 people, of which there are 6 players to participate in all training, are Hengda Gao Lin and Zhang Lin, Luneng Hao Junmin and Zhao Mingjian, Ren hang and Wu Xi Su ning. 3 people have missed 4 times before the training, until the fifth training before the final call, also entered the list of 25 people, they are Zheng Zhi, Yang Zhi and Jiang Zhipeng. Gao Hongbo has played 4 games for the first time since he was coached for the first time in the past second years, with the exception of Feng Xiaoting and the former president of the United States, the United States, and the United States, where the!相关的主题文章: