17 year old boy ran a lap down the ground dead military training examination no problem-ricky lee neely

The 17 year old boys in the playground lap fell dead no problem of the military medical playground in November 1st at 9 pm, a freshman at Hubei University of Technology running in the school playground when suddenly fell to the ground and died. Guo is an accident of Shanxi people, 17 years old, in September this year, has just entered the Hubei University of Technology to learn. According to the students and the students run with Wei Wei introduced, they are the school student association flag guard team members. The evening of November 1st is their first physical training this term. November 1st at 9 o’clock in the evening of the beginning of the beginning of the school playground in the middle of the training, the first to do jogging, stretching and other warm-up training, such as 5. After that, more than and 10 people running on the runway. Just run the first lap, second laps before the start, Guo suddenly fell to the ground. After seeing the other students, immediately went to the school hospital to call a doctor. School official said, less than 3 minutes, the school doctor on duty rushed to the playground first aid. After that, together with the students will be returned to the school to carry the students guo. And so on at 9:42 on November 1st Xu, 120 emergency personnel arrived, Guo students have no vital signs. Since the beginning of his military training, physical examination did not find the problem, the cause of the accident also need to investigate. Hongshan District Public Security Bureau official said, after investigation, the death of the death of the case is an accident. As for the specific cause of death, the family will come to forensic identification. Relevant person in charge of the Hubei University of Technology, said the family will do with the aftermath. (AFP news reporter Liu Xiaobin)相关的主题文章: