Nine September Qianfo Hill Chongyang Hill will be more than the elderly to open a new outdoor party–naughty怎么读

Nine September Qianfo Hill Chongyang Hill will be more than the elderly outdoor PARTY- Beijing, Beijing, Ji’nan, October 9, (Ceng Jie) tens of thousands of elderly people in the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar this day to Ji’nan Qianfo Hill will catch the mountain. Old people in the mountains of bold taste fresh food, observe new things, stretching more than 800 meters long stream of people has become an outdoor PARTY. Chongyang mountain will not only have the Yellow House pork, Gushan steamed bun, spring tea, Changqing, Shanghe tofu skin I Shandong and Wuhan local delicacy, hot and dry noodles, meat balls, Changsha wok, northeast India fly pie and other domestic and world cuisines". In addition, the small yellow people Orange Juice, dynamic VR viewing rather stylish booth is stationed in this ancient mountains. The picture shows the elderly out of the mountains alone. Some old photo by Guo Yuyue with the "old" old brother sisters "," travel together, have led the grandchildren to watch, some of it is all in the family. They are curious about new things, queuing to taste all kinds of novelty delicacy, several old people also hold self bar, when recording event and Tianshan; linger in the toy stalls, home children pick jingubang, angel wings and other small gifts. Gao Mengyu seven people around with the whole family, old and young mountain. She told reporters, Qianfo Hill Chongyang mountain will they come every year, because the mother found a "fair" memories here, the more than and 70 year old mother of 7 in the morning urged family of the mountains will have become an essential activity of Gao festival. More than and 80 year old Deng Jixi alone around the mountain, he picked out a palm sized Vintage Leather calendar. Deng Jixi said that he had 4 sons, the Double Ninth Festival every year outside son by telephone and sent greetings, children in Ji’nan will be a family reunion dinner, accompanied by their own. Reporters saw a lot of action in the mountains of the elderly also pushed the wheelchair by their children. The anonymity of the people of Ji’nan to accompany the mother in a wheelchair, white haired, amused the taste of Zhoucun Clay oven rolls. He told reporters, because the mother is old, life can not take care of themselves, so the family children take turns to take care of, the Double Ninth Festival coincides with the second child of his "duty", then take her out to watch. Pictured people close to Qianfo Hill Buddha, pray for peace. Guo Yuyue photo Chongyang Festival is a traditional festival for the the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar Chinese, homophonic "long", so it is considered to be an auspicious day, long life, respect for the elderly has become the spiritual connotation of the double ninth festival. The Double Ninth Festival day, Shandong, Qingzhou, Liangshan, Jining persimmon ditch are specialized for the elderly at play activities. (end)相关的主题文章: