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Who is the pain of staying in hospital? Original title: Vegetable stay in the hospital, who stabbed the pain? Such a waste of medical resources, vivid discussions, means that some patients need treatment, may be deprived of the opportunity to visit. It was reported that in two years and seven months, Yang Guixuan had been on the side of the "vegetable" son lying on the hospital bed. Even if the hospital repeatedly told Yang Guixuan, his son does not need to stay in hospital, he still and his son "stay" in the hospital. In order to let them withdraw from the hospital, Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine played two lawsuits, the local court issued a "evacuation order"". It should be said that the father and son do have some sympathy: the son has become a vegetable because of fighting, the injured party has not yet provided compensation, and the father does not have enough economic resources. In Foshan, after leaving the hospital, the two are afraid to have no place to stay. However, there is no reason for the hospital to bear the consequences. What’s more, the hospital is suffering from a lot of diseases, so it is unnecessary to consume medical resources, which means that some patients who need more treatment may be deprived of medical treatment opportunities. It’s a painful choice, no matter what, there’s a hurting party. How can this pain be caused? First of all, we lack the basic remedy system. Although the father and son themselves have many deficiencies, but they are victims after all. The compensation is not in place, but no one organization can provide a little help; in their life in trouble, difficult to continue when there is no corresponding support system, bring the basic life support for them. In a sense, it was precisely because of the absence of some aid policies that led the father to show the insolence of "barefoot without fear of wearing shoes". Secondly, we lack the proper triage system. "Vegetables" do not need medical intervention in the stable period, but the demand for nursing is still high. In a country with a perfect classification and treatment, such patients will choose to enter the grass-roots medical institutions to provide basic medical management or nursing guidance for them. Although it also costs, but relative to the general hospital accounted for the bed, not only the cost will be much cheaper, and will not occupy too many public medical resources. In addition, the interests of the hospital itself after the harm, but also the lack of institutional assistance. In some developed countries, patients do not have to settle accounts during hospitalization, and bills are sent home after the patient is discharged. If the patient can not pay on time, not only the credit record will be immediately discredit, but also after the treatment, bring great trouble. And we have a lack of accountability for defaulting on health care costs, which undoubtedly contributes to this kind of thing. In the face of the "evacuation order" issued by the court, the patient’s father declared that he might go away from the hospital. This is actually to the reality of the system raised a question: if the father really left, then this "vegetable" what to do? Do you want to stay in this hospital? In the face of a patient who can not afford any more costs, is there really no solution other than the loss of the hospital itself? Zheng Shanhai (Doctor) editor: Huang Rui SN224

植物人滞留医院,戳中谁的痛处?   原标题:植物人滞留医院,戳中谁的痛处?   议论风生   如此无端消耗医疗资源,意味着一些更需要救治的患者,可能被剥夺了就诊机会。   据报道,在长达两年零七个月的日子里,杨贵轩一直守在躺在医院病床上的“植物人”儿子的旁边。即使医院多次告知杨贵轩,其子已不需要住院,他仍旧和儿子“滞留”在医院。为了让他们撤离医院,佛山市中医院打了两场官司,当地法院下达了“撤离令”。   应该说,这一对父子确实有一些值得同情的地方:儿子因打架成了“植物人”,加害方尚未提供赔偿,父亲又没有足够的经济来源。在佛山,离开医院后,这爷俩恐怕也无栖身之地。然而,这样的结局,却没有理由让医院承担后果。更何况这家医院病患很多,如此无端消耗医疗资源,意味着一些更需要救治的患者,可能被剥夺就诊机会。   这是一个令人痛楚的选择,无论怎样,都有被伤害的一方。可这样的伤痛是如何造成的呢?   首先,我们缺乏基本的救济体系。尽管这对父子自身存在很多不足,但他们毕竟是受害者。在赔偿未到位前,却没有一个组织能给他们提供一点帮助;在他们的生活陷入困顿,难以为继的时候,也没有相应的托底制度,为他们带来基本的生活支持。从某种意义上说,正是因为某些救助政策的缺失,才导致这位父亲显露出“光脚不怕穿鞋”的蛮横。   其次,我们缺乏应有的病患分流体系。“植物人”在稳定期确实不需要医疗干预,但对护理的需求依然较高。在一个分级诊疗完善的国家,这样的病患会选择让其进入最基层的医疗机构,为其提供基本的医护管理,或者护理指导。虽然这样也有花费,但相对在综合医院占床,不仅费用会低廉很多,也不会占据太多公共医疗资源。   此外,医院自身的利益受到危害后,也缺乏制度上的帮扶。在有的发达国家,患者在入院治疗期间都不用结算费用,账单都是在患者出院后寄到家里。如果患者不能按时支付,不但信用记录马上会被抹黑,还会对其之后的就诊,带来极大麻烦。而我们对于拖欠医疗费用,却缺乏追责体系,这无疑助长了此类事情的发生。   面对法院下达的“撤离令”,病患的父亲宣称可能离院而去。这其实又是给现实的制度提了一个问题:父亲若真离开了,那这个“植物人”该怎么办?难道要在这家医院继续滞留下去?面对一个根本不可能再承担任何费用的病人,除了医院独自承受损失,真的就没有别的解决之道吗?   □郑山海(医生) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: