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Such a beautiful cardigan, you GET? Such a beautiful cardigan, you GET? Spring and autumn season, how to dress is always a big concern for us, much less afraid of hot cold, at this time, we should thank the magic of the creator, let this cardigan things come into this world, we solve a lot of trouble, today, Xiao Bian gave you recommend several all-match nice cardigan. Hua Ji Y366 literary simple sleeveless knit cardigan Vest Jacket collar female small loose V 2016 new autumn in the autumn, we are often covered with a coat at noon to roll up their sleeves, so why not change the vest? Different from general, this is a knitted vest, the hair material not so scratchy, sensitive muscle friends can self choose it, Suihua mushrooms can reduce the buckle time, increase the number of children and pondering, this cardigan vest, wearing loose, under cover hip, or very good. Autumn female female Japanese Sen long sweater knit cardigan sweater long coat art RETRO thick wool coat and thickened and increased in the time span, after the Mid Autumn Festival until early winter will not matter, four colors with white contrast decoration, can be removed from the single level a feeling of the collar. Great, looks very beautiful, but because it is lengthened, the petite woman to choose, slightly thick wool is wide, can let the small girl skeleton looks very harmonious. There are a lot of MM love baseball uniform, but wearing now does not seem appropriate, this coat is solved with how you wayward a pressing matter of the moment, wearing no problem, in a sleeveless dress can look very sweet, if with T-shirts and shorts, is also very dynamic, if white dirty too easily, the dark blue it is also good, the skin is very white, is the focus of this material is very good, a short time will never ball. Although there are 3 colors, but Xiaobian that white pink is the first choice, the choice of dark cardigan may seem a little odd, but the trumpet sleeves knitting design neither let your arms leave them, and make your hands look more slender waist, there is a hidden button, want to solve buckle cannot buckle, and don’t let buttons look very awkward. Edgar thin sweater cardigan female short long sleeved sweater with the late spring and autumn all-match air conditioning sweater knitted jacket coat this relatively tight, but also relatively thin, suitable for us in the air conditioning room wear, of course after all, many places still open air conditioning, inside, if wearing a sling, then take this the coat is the best choice. This piece of clothing feels very soft, after washing will not be deformed, the upper body effect is good oh. 2016 new Korean Autumn Lantern Sleeve in the long loose knit coat jacket sweater cardigan autumn female nice and cheap coat is not the student party favorite? Lantern Sleeve Knit Sweater cute, not only full of materials, and very very thin, small bought a pink, while blue is also very nice. When the hem to buttocks look, does not interfere with the walk, but also look more casual, its wool playing very loose, very flexible, regardless of their size, are.相关的主题文章: