Warrior’s gate demons and Kara Hui subvert the Ming Xi legs show 小坂めぐる

"Warrior’s gate" demons and Kara Hui subvert the Ming Xi legs show entertainment Tencent four gremlin opportunistic deadly adventure, more numerous difficulties and dangers. Magic action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" will be released nationwide in November 18th. In the film, not only the barbarian troops IMTV, and branching eight demons struck, so the journey becomes more and more crisis. Faction actress Kara Hui in the movie a fine interpretation of mountain angle, she started with Kung Fu warriors in different virtual world, the fantasy war more aspect. In addition, the international supermodel Xi Mengyao also joined the villain camp, the first shock she turned evil Dryad, stop the warriors of the process. Kara Hui started fantasy gold as the actress "capricious" Avatar mountain spirit won awards winner Kara Hui not only superb acting and martial arts, in the film was evaluated as: a true martial arts rare actress. She has played in numerous female hero action, with supple skill is a fan favorite. This time, Kara Hui will start from the real world to the virtual world, subversion starred in a corner of the film challenge mountain fine "warrior’s gate". This mountain fine other offbeat, head hanging horn type hair, dressed in dark, hidden in his robes, dark mountain. In addition to the image of alternative, the essence of the mountain is also very alternative. Compared with other races, the mountain is not fine nor devils, arrogant and domineering, "willful", she and Zhao Warrior (Mark) and Jack (Uriah · Sheldon) met at the edge of the cliff face, mysterious smile, strong harbour evil designs highway, stop two warriors create all sorts of obstacles. Kara Hui in the role of the role of the rich expression in place, the interpretation of virtual characters lively and interesting. In addition, she and Mark and Uriah · in the film, there are wonderful actions of the contest, the intense reality of the play to make the adventure journey is very difficult to see the. Xi Mengyao first shock legs Flash movie in addition to enchanting deductive Treefolk mountain spirit, and Treefolk race. Led by supermodel Treefolk are found in Ming Xi smoke filled the woods, dressed in their vines with fairy costumes, sexy long legs. From the appearance point of view, Treefolk seem harmless, but actually hidden evil, they just look deceptively sharp. When they fit, and had the face of ferocious fangs Xian Qi contrast wizard. This is Xi Mengyao’s first shock, she said: "this is the pressure in cooperation with many top filmmakers, each one of them is my teacher. Before filming, I also had to find a teacher on the performance of the class, the teacher not only taught me to perform skills, but also taught me how to enter the role in a relaxed way, which is very helpful to me. At the same time, through this learning experience, so I like the show."相关的主题文章: