Stocks high go Yin, a new network will not be hit in 小坂めぐる

Stocks high go Yin, the new network of A shares will be smashed in just this past weekend, A stock market bearish followed: in a new batch of IPO list disclosure, management limit speculation shell, and European stock markets fell, especially stocks at historically high levels to close out the big line. Let’s take a look at some of the news at home. First, the Commission approved the first application of 14 companies. Simply look at the numbers, the IPO rate is still upwards, look at the specific list, Hangzhou bank and other companies, in addition to the Bank of Wuxi, Bank of Jiangyin, Bank of Guiyang and Bank of Jiangsu, there are Jiangsu Wujiang rural commercial bank, Shanghai bank, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang agricultural firms in line. These banks also IPO the total new financing rising rapidly, the stock of capital markets is also increasing pressure. Secondly, the new restructuring approach landing, the primary goal is to limit speculation shell. For hot money, you can fry something less, a hot money activity will decline. Over the weekend, there are reports, including thousands of capital, including Wang Yawei, including a number of private equity shell is accelerating the layout of resources stocks. Obviously, in the management of the introduction of the new restructuring approach in the context of this report is the temptation to do a little bit scattered disk potential. Last week, five new shares of a batch of new shares collective nose, just opened the steadily decline, which in fact a statement is also a large number of hot money: cautious wait-and-see. To know the new shares in the second half of the market is to make money the best effect of a group, the withdrawal of profit funds, but also means that the plate Market cooling. A shares down the choice, the United States also made a choice. Because the Fed rate hike is expected to strengthen the overnight, U.S. stocks last Friday to close out a gap of the big line, the Dow and Nasdaq have received more than 2% decline, this is the British off the European referendum after U.S. stocks fell the most miserable time. There are private buddy told money brother, the European Central Bank on Thursday announced that no more stimulus or extension of asset acquisition, which makes some people worry that the European Central Bank in the future continue to implement loose monetary policy has no good lost confidence. The Fed hawks boasted support to raise interest rates, the market worried will likely end loose monetary policy. U.S. stocks Yin, the Dow, NASDAQ or both, the S & P 500 index, basically have peaked. But this does not mean that A shares will follow the United States to go, after all, the United States stocks at historic highs, while A shares in the last 20 months of low. On the contrary, the United States stocks peaked, turned to A shares represented by emerging markets overseas funds will be more. Qian Ge think, on the whole, A shares will go their own way: the recent shock between 3000 to 3100 points. If the environmental stocks represented by PPP stocks in the short term after the callback can continue to be strong, we can be cautious, but the market does not need to be pessimistic. Again from the hot spots and opportunities, prices will remain in the second half of the market keywords. Recent price of zinc, coal, LED, glass and liquor prices continue to spread. This is not only the effect of supply side reform, but also the results of the industry itself needs to rebound. In any case, the product price means that the performance of the relevant industries and companies to improve, money brother believes that the market downturn in the index shock occasion, in the control position letter相关的主题文章: