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British Yuzhong is the 82 football players in Gansu teenager teach skills (Figure) – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Lanzhou on 3 September, (Zhang Hong) at the start of season, Lanzhou football stadium in Gansu Wencheng primary school in Yuzhong County, the three foreign friends blonde, their trip in Beijing "love for only you" the foundation sponsors Mr. Xie Jianhua’s invitation, made a special trip to the 82 local football teenager football skills teaching. The three foreign friends, Beijing’s "love for you" foundation, Patrick British consultant British players Daniel and Sam. The reporter saw at the event, Daniel, Sam and the players dribbling, passing, group confrontation…… Under the guidance of the small ball, they are full of love, in the study of technology, but also experience the fun of football. Daniel and Sam often clap to encourage small players, making them unlimited vitality, confidence. "Two days of contact, I feel that the small players in Yuzhong are very fond of football, they are very hard on the football field, very investment, but also enjoy the joy of football, but also enjoy the joy of success and victory." Daniel said. For foreign friends and talk to young football. Zhang Hong photo "foreign coach into the campus can let the children accept high quality football guide, accept foreign advanced football concept, let the children fully feel the joy of football, so as to improve the physical quality, promote the comprehensive development of children." Yuzhong County Board of education official said. After two days of football of communication and teaching, Beijing "love for only you" foundation will pick a number of football prospects from these participate in the training of the football teenager, continuous observation during the winter training, one of the best to the Premier League club for a half a month of the study, learning back to these small players for the team, set up Lanzhou’s first county primary and middle school students to form students at all levels of football team, football team, on behalf of the Yuzhong County outside the province to participate in competition, play football brand in Yuzhong county. (end)相关的主题文章: