Thenew ZooGue iPad Case Prodigy will enhance your iPad beyond your expectations. From photo album to portable television 成都相亲鄙视链

Hardware Theres little doubt that the Apple iPad is an incredible piece of technology. This little device allows you to do most of what you can on a laptop but with improved portability and a longer battery life. Did you know that theres now a case out there that can easily make this amazing gadget even better? Thenew ZooGue iPad Case Prodigy will enhance your iPad beyond your expectations. From photo album to portable television, from stereo to eReader, from GPS to encyclopedia, the iPad is many things in one device. Choosing the right case to take advantage of and enhance all its features is key to enjoying your device to its fullest.The ZooGue iPad Case Prodigy was ingeniously designed to bring out the best in your iPad, putting all its features at your fingertips while still offering the highest level of protection and durability. Durable, top quality leather on the outside and lush microfiber interior protects your iPad from all sides. Plus our secure magnetic closure cover, with its auto on/off feature, keep it cased closed when you want it to be. One of the hardest features to find in an iPad case is adjustability, and this is the area where the ZooGue iPad Case Prodigy most clearly outshines the competition. Its the first case ever with a patent pending magnetic metal kickstand that securely adjusts to six convenient angles. Thats double the angles of any other case, assuring you have the perfect angle for virtually any activity! The stand is behind the iPad rather than in front to assure it never gets in your way. Making use of this adjustability is a breeze! Ever tried cases where you have to go through awkward folding and manipulation to get the case into a good viewing angle? Not so with the ZooGue Case Prodigy. Turning it into a stand is simple and straightforward. Never deal with the awkwardness of having to figure out how to fold this or that again. ZooGue has made it easy. The Case Prodigy allows you to choose either portrait or landscape orientation so you can make the best advantage of all of your iPad apps. Reading books you may prefer portrait orientation while watching moves is always best in landscape. And have you ever been annoyed after downloading an app only to find that it works only in only a single orientation? You never have to worry with the ZooGue Case Prodigy because you get the best of both worlds. ZooGue is proud to bring you an innovative case that looks as wonderful as it works! Beautiful high quality black leather gives your iPad a stylish and professional look. Designed with no Velcro strips in evidence to provide the best looking, most functional iPad case available. There are hundreds of iPad cases on the market, but we challenge you to compare any of them to the new ZooGue Case Prodigy. Were so confident that youll agree that its the best iPad case available that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Dont settle for GOOD performance from your iPad when you can get GREAT! Take your iPad to the next level. Unleash the best in your iPad today with a ZooGue Case Prodigy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: