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Computers-and-Technology At a time when many are pinching pennies and trying to figure out a way to stretch their budgets a little further, laser printer toner cartridges can represent a huge cost. Ink is expensive, and those who have to do a lot of printing will find that this eats up a fairly huge proportion of their budget. It seems that options are limited in this area. How can you make ink stretch further or spend less on it? Not printing is certainly not an option. This is often necessary for advertising and functional purposes in many businesses. In fact, whether one realizes it or not, being able to print may actually be key to a businesses success. One of the really incredible things is that the toner can actually end up costing more than the actual printer. How is this acceptable? This is a serious issue that has many businesses seriously considering throwing out their entire printer and buying a new one when the toner runs out, rather than spend more on the toner itself. This is especially true of the multifunction laser printers. This is always a more expensive printer because everyone will be using it more. Everyone in the office needs a copier, and they will use the one that is readily available. These are just so convenient and handy that you will find yourself using them a lot more than you originally intended, thus also spending a lot more on the toner cartridges. Cutting down on use will help cut cost and save a bit of ink here and there, but this is a device that is hard to resist when it is sitting right in front of you. However, another way to save money on ink is to refill your own toner. There are many refill kits available on the market that are a much more affordable alternative to buying a brand new toner. Most of them are called injector kits, where the ink is virtually injected into the toner. The process is actually quite simple, takes only a few minutes to do, and will save a lot of money, usually representing around a 35% savings. Keep in mind that a lot of companies sell these refills. Make sure that you do not buy the cheapest kind, only to find that it does not work well. Do a little research to find out which refill is of good quality for a reasonable price. Read some customer reviews, and talk to others who have used them before. Nothing could be worse than refilling a toner only to find that the ink is jammed or something is now preventing it from functioning correctly. Printing is crucial to the success of most businesses out there today. From reports, business documents, advertising, newsletters, and for daily functioning. And while the laser printer toner cartridges are a little pricey, there is a way to make this affordable. Try refilling your own cartridges, and you will see a great drop in this area of the budget. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: