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Health Do you want to know about hemorrhoids home treatment then first get some knowledge about hemorrhoids and type of hemorrhoids with their cause? Hemorrhoids are swollen, inflamed veins around the anus or lower rectum. Hemorrhoids are very common in all men and women. The common symptoms of hemorrhoids are bleeding from rectum. Hemorrhoids are of two types that are internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. If you want to know home treatment for hemorrhoids then first know about these. Internal hemorrhoids: when swelling and inflammation in the veins around the lower rectum it is called internal hemorrhoids. Ageing, pregnancy, obesity, low fiber and high fiber diet, anal sex, sitting for long duration on the pot are the cause of internal hemorrhoids. Bright red blood in the stool, toilet paper is the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. Pain is not generally associated in this hemorrhoid. Dont worry we have some internal hemorrhoids treatment that can make you free from hemorrhoids. Dilute salt in the warm water and take bath for 10 minutes twice in a day. It gives you a relief. Use stool softeners. Include more fiber, nutrients and vitamins in your diet. Use of medication lessens the inflammation of itching and swelling if you can tolerate then you can drink garlic after crushing this. External hemorrhoids: These hemorrhoids occur around the anus and can be notice by fleshy skin. External hemorrhoids bring more pain and discomfort rather then internal hemorrhoids. These become very painful when you need to take a trip of bathroom for bowel movement or any other move. Remember this prevention is better than cure. When you suffering from hemorrhoids than there is need to find out some cause so that you make prevention measure. Anal itching and bleeding are the symptoms of external hemorrhoids. Like internal hemorrhoids ageing, pregnancy, obesity, low fiber and high fiber diet, anal sex, sitting for long duration on the pot are cause of external hemorrhoids also. If you want an external hemorrhoids treatment then read follow tips. Lukewarm water can also helpful in external hemorrhoid. Put the water in the tub and place the infected body part into water for 10-15 minutes. Take some ice cube. Wrap this into a towel and use this on infected area. Really it gives you a relief. Always wear loose undergarments. Skin fitting cloth increases the pressure of hemorrhoids and pain. Aloe Vera, vinegar and garlic are the most strong and effective herbs. You will get fast result when you use these herbs. Dont use vinegar directly on your infected skin. It can burn your skin. Dilute vinegar in the water and apply this with cotton ball I think now you get all the information about internal and external hemorrhoid. All the above-specified tips are home treatment for hemorrhoids. You can try some moderns techniques to get rid of hemorrhoids but these are painful and expensive. Drink lots of water, include green vegetables and fruits in your diet and avoid junk food and alcohol. Go get rid of hemorrhoids and live your life without any pain and discomfort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: