or something else. Join a membership site that generates niche product ideas each month. For each of these ideas 逼老板喝火锅锅底

Business Do you know why it is so hard to create a product for a niche? I can tell you that it is difficult. However, the following tips may help you make Niche Product Creation easier: Consider creating a niche service, rather than a niche product. Find one specific input that all business owners in a given niche. Develop a reliable, consistent, high-quality service for that specific input. Contact webmasters in that niche and alert them to your new service. Sometimes service sells better than a product. Use your client list to create a niche product for you. For instance, you could create a contest that offers $100 to the person who can write the most interesting story about something related to the niche you are in. Then compile all of these stories and sell the book to your list. Of course, you will want to announce and congratulate the winner on your site. One good way to approach the niche product research phase is to start by evaluating a given base of customers. For example, if you plan to sell your product primarily through Google Ad words campaign, setup a survey site and drive traffic to it using Google Ad words you can Ask your visitors what they were looking for – and what they might look for in a product. At the same time, you can also build a list when they write in what they think. When you create a niche product, always have the customer you are selling to in mind. Think of this person or group of people as having a problem and they need a solution. You may even want to contact someone who is looking specifically for a solution – and ask them precisely what it is that they needed most in a niche product. If you have sites that already receive natural search engine traffic for a given niche, consider setting up surveys or polls on those sites to see what your best course of action is might be in terms of product creation.For example, you can ask your visitors what type of product they want – videos, e-books, software, audios, or something else. Join a membership site that generates niche product ideas each month. For each of these ideas, evaluate them by yourself to make sure the markets are actually profitable. You should be able to find at least a few ideas that could potentially be turned into a profitable product, even if you don’t currently have a site getting traffic in that niche. Just is creative Use Overture’s Inventory tool to determine how many people are actually searching for keywords in your niche in each given month. Multiply that number by 8 and you will get the rough amount of Google traffic for that same keyword. 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