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Careers-Employment In todays global economy, almost all firms are looking forward to enter the international market and therefore, careers in international business are expected to grow at a faster pace than normal. A globalised business environment demands knowledge and exposure to international cultures and business practices. There is a wide range of opportunities for a person with strong business skills and an international mindset. These days, students in India just like in the United States – prefer to have 2-3 years of work experience & then go in for an MBA because learning of management concepts becomes easier and they can relate theory to management practices. However, it has been observed that once they start working, earning and learning good management practices while in work, they prefer to do MBA without disrupting the continuity of working in an organization. Jaro education is committed to meet this need with the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere. Jaro Education in collaboration with Europes leading business school United Business Institute (UBI),Belgium has introduced International MBA and Executive International MBA programs to suit the requirements of students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives and others wanting to pursue a global career. Q1 How would an International MBA (1 year) help me get a fast career growth? A: An International MBA program is designed to provide you knowledge of domestic as well as international management subjects, insight in international business culture and environment which would give confidence to secure a good managerial job in India as well as overseas. We offer lectures from senior industry experts who share their industry experiences, which is essential in todays ever growing and fast changing business environment. During guest lectures students get business knowledge from CEOs, V.Ps. / G.M.s and an opportunity to interact with executives from different industries, functions and having diverse background and profession. Q2 Does UBI have any accreditations? A: Yes, UBI and Jaro Education have multiple accreditations from authorities like a)ASCB- Europe b)ACS REGISTRARS UK c)JAS-ANZ & other bodies Q3 How is your International MBA program different from other programs? Globally accepted MBA Degree Awarded by UBI, Belgium, Europe, which is recognized worldwide Affordable Fees – Fees Rs 45,000/- for International MBA (one Year Duration) inclusive of online lectures with installments or bank loan facility. For weekend lectures extra fees is Rs 12000/- Online lectures & examination – Provides flexibility & better time utilization since exams are held on Sundays or holidays Fast Career Growth Developed specially for students / working professionals to enhance their managerial skills and capabilities to ensure fast career growth Virtual classroom Facilities Students / working executives can attend live or recorded lectures at their convenient time and location Learning methods – Books, Virtual lectures, online discussions Global Understanding To ensure success in the competitive global environment, the curriculum includes subjects commonly taught in Global Universities/ Institutes. Faculties – The members of the teaching faculty have distinguished academic achievements and work experience and are actively involved in teaching at top B-schools Weekend lectures and Doubt Clearing Sessions – For better learning and understanding of management concepts, Personal Contact Programs (PCP) are provided on weekends for the students enrolled for the same. Before the exams students can clarify their doubts through online interaction with the faculty Job Opportunity The program would also help its students to identify international job opportunities and access to potential local & global markets. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: