then it means it has already been registered but not yet claimed. When you are already on the icon that is written places 宋慧乔公开近况 30游客泰国身亡

Branding So as to enhance brand name protection on these social networks the organization ought to choose a username that will enable people on these sites to know about your products. If you are not sure if your username has been taken, just go online and check username availability on social networks so that you know what to do. If the username you are searching does exist then it is most definite that some individuals have engaged on brand name jacking on social networks . This is what leads to a decrease on brand protection on twitter. With so many cases of brand name jacking on social networks, there are some of the things organizations could use so that they can claim back their brand name from these shameful squatters on the social sites. For instance if you want to claim your brand name on facebook, the following steps should be followed; Using you computer, enter your username and password so that you can login. After that look at the search box indicated at the top of your homepage and type your brand name then search. If the brand name has not appeared on the places icon then you will not see the places icon because it is not yet created, so you have to create the name of your business fast. If you see the name of your business on the right of the icon written places, then it means it has already been registered but not yet claimed. When you are already on the icon that is written places, click where you see your business name and you will be shown the location of the business. You will see that there is a box that is showing is this your business link and upon clicking it you will see the claiming process explained and it will be turned into a page on facebook if it was not created but even if you had made yours then they will still make sure that the page remains one. There is a check box that shows I certify that I am an official representative of the business name. Click continue to proceed to the page that outlines the claim. Type the name of your business as you would like it to look like in the Places icon on facebook and type the web address of your business page on facebook in the provided box. Then you are required to put the contact details of your organizationthe business name, business phone numbers, business website and address. Before the claiming process is done with, you will need to show all your reviews associated with your brand whereby the link is entered on the box written third party listing. This is to make sure that you have access to the information of your organization. Enter your name and title such as mr.mrs. Dr. etc so that they know who was making the request to claim the business name. You are requested to put an email address on your facebook profile. This email address should have a domain name that is linked to the name of the business so as to verify ownership. The last step to finish the claiming process involves the individual to click on the box that informs him that he is now certified to act on behalf of the business, hence brand protection on facebook is enhanced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: