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Automobiles With the security issues that we face in societies throughout the world today, we need tools that can help us keep our vehicles under surveillance at all times against mischief, accidents and thefts. One such safety and security tool that several people are yet to appreciate the importance of is the car DVR camera. This camera can be your eyes and ears when your vehicle is parked or an eyewitness in an accident. How a Car DVR camera functions A car DVR camera recorder usually has a 360 degree rotational wide angle lens that records high quality audio and videos to a micro SD card while the vehicle is in motion or whenever there is any movement around it when it is parked. It has 3 axis G sensors that record the G forces during extreme braking, acceleration or in an accident. The camera generally uses PC based software that can manage, analyze, search and replay videos that have been recorded. One can purchase this type of car camera recorder in Singapore. The benefits of using a car DVR camera There are several benefits of using a car camera recorder in Singapore. It can capture a video of the surrounding happenings or scenery while you are driving. It is useful in an accident as it can give the police and insurance people evidence of how the accident happened and what really took place and who is the cause of the accident. It is really helpful when it comes to claiming for insurance. Details like the time of the accident, the weather as well as road and traffic conditions can be ascertained with the camera. If you have a hired driver driving your vehicle he is likely to be more careful while driving if you have a camera in the vehicle as it will record almost every word or action that he makes. This can go for you too. This will ensure that good driving habits are maintained because of being monitored. These cameras also are of great assistance to taxi cab drivers who have to pick up and drop off all types of people during the day and night. It sometimes could be dangerous for them, so having a camera could be added security for both the passenger and driver as all that transpires in the taxi will be documented. Places where a car DVR can be mounted A car DVR camera recorder is usually small in size and can come in various shapes. It can be mounted on the dash board or windshield in the front or rear of a car or any vehicle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: